March 9, 2012

Why was this study even done - on pill to "cure" racism?

If you're having a racist day, might want to pop a pill to ward it off before you offend anyone. The drug was only tested on 36 white males. So, we don't know if it would work across the racial board. But never mind. ObamaCare would probably only require it for certain groups of people who disagree with his policies, since we all know it's racism that causes disagreement with this ruler.

More fraud.

Looks like Demet played foul on the Walker recall too.

Not surprised.

March 5, 2012

Obama targeting citizens for "lawful" killing overseas?

This really does not sit well unless you trust the government to never abuse its power. Most Americans want the bad guys, including U.S. citizens, to be caught and punished. But the way Obama's administration has described TEA party supporters as potential terrorists, how can he be trusted to fairly decide who is a terrorist, and may be killed for it overseas?

If this president were not so hateful of people of differing opinions, perhaps we might be willing to trust him with this kind of power. But that is not the case, and the new-taken power is chilling.

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Well two of Racine's Alderpeople are....

In a park, after hours, discussing public policy no doubt.

How dumb do they think we are?  There are roughly 7,238 more appropriate places to do business than that...