February 24, 2012

Major League Baseball wrongs Ryan Braun

So Major League Baseball has issued a statement decrying that Ryan Braun's 50 game suspension has been lifted and in so stating confidence in their drug testing system.


That same policy states that nothing is to be made public until after the appeals process.  In short that means that we shouldn't know ANYTHING about this.

Players rights are supposed to be protected and an announcement made about a positive drug test only after an appeal is lost.

Ryan Braun will NEVER get his reputation back, there will always be a cloud of suspicion over his head and that is completely the fault of Major League Baseball.  By leaking the positive test to ESPN they harmed him irreparably, permanently. 

Ryan Braun should sue Major League Baseball for the harm they have done to his reputation.   He will not do that as Braun has certainly proven through this process that he has more integrity than the leakmiesters at Major League Baseball.

February 21, 2012

They don't get it in Illinois either....

From the Lakeland Times.

To the Editor:

Dear Wisconsin neighbors, your campaign to recall Gov. Walker simply amazes those of us in Illinois.

Gov. Walker is the only governor in recent years that has put aside being politically correct and is making correct decisions for the betterment of the entire state of Wisconsin.

He is upholding his oath of office. He is trying his best to get Wisconsin out of the financial mess you find yourself in and is doing so by not being politically correct but instead making correct decisions.

Illinois could only wish that we had a governor with the guts and stamina to make correct decisions. The current Illinois Gov. Quinn is a puppet of the Chicago political machine. He has raised income taxes 67 percent. He is not paying the bills the State of Illinois owes. He is chasing business out of the State of Illinois. He is making decisions for a select few and not the entire State of Illinois.

So, tell you what, Wisconsin, instead of you trying to recall your governor how about we make a deal? We will trade you the current Illinois Gov. Quinn for your Gov. Walker. Then you can spend your time recalling those Wisconsin legislators that instead of doing their job ran and hid in Illinois.

­­In addition, with Quinn you will no longer need to worry about the governor making correct decisions - it is guaranteed those decisions will only be politically correct.

Steve Gant

Durand, Ill.

February 20, 2012

MRQ chosen to inspire envy


a VERY dirty mind!!! Scoff

entering a safer nation  Kate

chosen to inspire envy  Althouse

calling for martial law Roland

Do, or do not  Mr. P

It fits Wigdy

kept the money  Dan

ironic because of the intentional irony  Trog


not fighting Franf

I despise.  CFR

start killing people.  Gailann

I didn't do it.  Patrick

in the friend zone.  Aaron.

out stalkin'  Carrie

making moonshine.  Wigdy

obliged to conform Tom

lost in music land.  Mary

in a diaper  Gravelle

in the comics.  Pierre

on the corner.  Nancy

go catch some goons.  Racine Uncovered

milk sheep.  Jessica

February 19, 2012

Did you know what Wisconsin utilities are doing to customers?

My little cartoon summarizes this utility monopoly fiasco affecting Wisconsinites who don't want to play the utility's new game, and also value their health.