February 16, 2012

Sheboygan child's valentines not permitted: Christian message

Does our Constitution say a school should be able to stop a child from sending a valentine with a Bible verse about love in it? James Madison School in Sheboygan did not allow a second grader to pass out his home-made valentines to his classmates because they included a Christian message about love.

The principal was concerned that the other kids were expecting a secular valentine, and did not "have a choice" to receive this student's message or not. But the school never posted or notified parents they could not make home-made cards or include messages about how they thought about love. I think this principle handled the situation very poorly.

The boy (and his disabled siblings at Madison School) should have been allowed to distribute their cards to their classmates because of this country's tradition of free speech. If the other kids or their parents didn't like the message, they could throw it out. After all, this is America. And yes, I would let kids from other religions (Muslim, Buddhist, etc.) do the same if it was about love on Valentine's Day. It could be a teaching moment, to talk about the different definitions of love, rather than sanitize the classroom and school!

(And by the way, the child's brother, who attends Lake Country Academy — a Sheboygan Area School District charter school — was allowed to hand out his identical Christian valentines without a hitch.)

The Emperor's newest Tax proposal!

The Emperor is bent on ruining our jobs market once and for all so he is now in favor of a "Global Tax".  He has not killed off enough private sector jobs yet so now he would like to punish the private companies who create and maintain productive jobs in our country even more!!  Does he know no bounds??  I am convinced he FAILED Econ 101.  Corporations don't pay taxes - employed people do. A global tax is another jobs KILLER!!  Once again my frustration with this TOTALLY INCOMPETENT man makes it hard to express in words just how STUPID anyone is who supports the Emperor!!

The Food Police....

A turkey and cheese sammich, apple juice, a naner and some chips...


Here have some chicken nuggets instead.

Miles Kristan is now Protesting Weddings, Book Early!

Miles Kristan, Local radical famous for stalking, dumping beer and ladies lingerie on elected officials, (Assemblyman Robin Vos). In between "Pink Slip Boy's" arrests. (CCAP report here) Miles is now coordinating with the Capitol Police Chiefs Tubbs to intimidate, interrupt, delay and ruin wedding days for Wisconsin Brides everywhere! We suggest you call ahead so Miles has plenty of time to NOT get a permit..and disrupt her "perfect day".  BTW If you wish to have Miles and the paid "volunteer mob" take a shower in advance we recommend a Spring wedding affair. These guys get a little ripe by late Summer!  Story and video here.

Looks like Miles and company are showing up without permits to protest.. Not to worry Miles has the Police Chief Tubbs in his back pocket!  "I thought we had a deal", says Tubbs!

Just askin'...

Since it appears not all religions are created equal, what would have happened if this HS choir was singing a hymn in praise of God?

Maybe its just the government's way of telling us: really, islam isn't a religion anyway so lets look past anything they do.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

February 15, 2012

Tom Barrett trying to give tax breaks to the rich.

So, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D) was offering up $100,000,000 to get Kohls to move their headquarters from Menomonee Falls to Milwaukee....

A hundred million bucks to convince a company to move one county east?

Tax breaks for the wealthy are just fine when the (D)s do them.

Liberalism is hypocrisy.

Media Trackers catches WEAC hack Mary Bell in a blatant lie.

It would be a bigger story if they caught her telling the truth.

February 13, 2012

MRQ letting girls wear pants


just moronic  Kevin

Jazzberry Jam  Scoff

Does this taste funny Bussorah

smother you with kisses Dan

used a condom.  Trog

Get Even Better Steve

the Committee to Discredit the Committee  Denis

go see a play  Kate

wooden paddles and blood oaths.  Roland

agree with Wigderson  Owen  (Why would I do that?)


excessively dull  Cindy

stiff Jim

not doing it.  Gailann

letting girls wear pants.  Gravelle

fer cryin' out loud  CFR

smartass  Franf

Gone squatching  Doreen

is it hot in here.  Sam

Where's the outrage over political donations?

I initially posted this in November but based on a particularly ridiculous article in the Journal Times about the hate left showing up to protest a Van Wanggaard fund raiser plus some particularly idiotic rants about evil right wing money in the comments of said story I thought I would bump this post and provide a reminder.  Those occutards should get a job.

$4,126,208 - Poliical giving by Peter Buttenweiser.  Almost every penny to left wing politicians and causes.

$8,925,740 - Political giving by Steve Bing.  Almost every penny to left wing politicians and causes.

$11,114,028 - Political giving by Haim Saban.  Almost every penny to left wing politicians and causes.

What do these three people have in common?  They are buying huge political influence and you have likely never heard of them.

$1,082,523 - Political giving by Steven Spielberg.  Almost every penny to left wing politicians and causes.

If you have not heard of Spielberg you have been living under a rock for the last few decades.  He is but one example of Hollywood elites that give huge dollars to left wing causes and for the most part escape scruitiny for doing so.

$2,250,227 - Political giving by David Koch.  Mostly going to Conservative / Libertarian causes. 

$378,570 - Political Giving by Charles Koch.  Mostly going to Conservative / Libertarian causes.

So what do we have here?

Examples of rich people giving to liberal causes that most people have never heard of. 

Meanwhile the left always has to have someone to vilify and they have turned their focus onto the EVIL Koch brothers.  If Koch money is so bad than why isn't Saban money bad?  Why have you never heard of the evil Buttenweiser spreading millions around to buy political influence?

If corporate money is so bad, how come union money  is pure and holy?  That's the same reason you have never heard of these examples.  Any money that favors the left will escape media scruitiny and conservatives are more geared towards attacking failed liberal policies than those who support those policies.

So the next time someone brings up Koch money you might want to respond by asking them about Haim Saban.  But don't mention George Soros, because that's too easy.

Let's fight Alzheimer's, say Kohl and Obama

Senator Kohl's recent email update explains the new federal push to fight Alzheimer's disease through funding more research and help for families and caregivers. The question is are they really interested in a cure, or just more drugs and expensive medical therapies? If they are honest about wanting a cure (which would take money away from Big Pharma and Big Medicine) they will put dollars towards exploring environmental factors that could influence or precipitate this condition.

A growing number of American and international doctors and scientists warn that chronic exposure to pulsed radiofrequency radiation can be a factor in Alzheimer's. The question is will policy makers listen, or simply continue to support the big industries that benefit from care and treatment of this disease?

Dear Sarah, Don't Screw This Up!

See My Letter to Sarah HERE


A 20 year deferment of property taxes equaling more than $2 million bucks.

I guess it is ok when a Democrat does it. 

Hey Cory Mason, John Lehman, Kelly Gallaher, Randy Brandt and all you other screaming class warfaring Racine leftists.  Where is your outrage on this tax cut for the rich?

There is no end to the cheating on this recall.

Underage high school kids signed the Wanggaard recall petition.

(D)s cast no doubt in selling themselves to he union.

The chosen one makes a pact.

Now just watch how much special interest money flows directly to her.  If this is not pay to play, what is?

Catholics and Obama.

I just heard from a Catholic friend of mine who told me there was a mandated message delivered by Priests throughout the area.  (How wide-spread I have no idea).

In short the word came down that Catholics hold 25% of the vote and that they are being violated by Obama-care.

Strong words...

True words...

How will this play out?