February 3, 2012

The Emperor TOTALLY misapplies scripture

The Emperor once again shows his lack of real Christian knowledge with his quoting of scripture as a means to justify raising taxes on the rich.

Apparently sitting under the teachings of Rev Wright all those years the Emperor was never taught that applying scriptural principles REQUIRES they be applied in CONTEXT.  The context of Luke 12:48 is very clear that it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with taxes.  It is a discussion about the responsibility of "managers" to be good stewards of what they manage - be it people or money - and to handle it as though the manager's superior may return from a long journey and expect to see that the manager has handled the affairs of the superior properly while he was gone. 

A more accurate application is that the Emperor has been hired by the people of the country to "manage" our country - and I would suggest that we the people have every reason to BEAT some Sense into the Emperor and REMOVE him from managing due to his TOTAL FAILURE to manage things properly.  The people of the country under his management are not better off due to his actions as a matter of fact we are FAR WORSE than when the Emperor took over as manager and began to make his changes.

Our country is in terrible condition because of his management decisions, and it is way past time for him to be replaced.

Judeo  Christian Scripture has several parables about money and management, and all of them put the responsibility on the manager to get it right or suffer the consequences from the owner.  None of them would justify the Emperor's conclusion that he should tax the rich more because the Bible tells him to. On the contrary the Bible tells us to be good stewards of what we have and use good judgement in our decisions when managing to improve things, not to subjugate people under our management to become dependent on hand outs and cradle to grave government care for their day to day living.

This is another example of how the Emperor has chosen to miss-quote scripture to justify his agenda.  Those at the Prayer breakfast were very kind in not standing up and calling him a hypocrite and a liar when he tried to use scripture to justify not only raising taxes but funding of abortion.  It is outrageous he chose to break with tradition at the breakfast and make a political/campaign speech instead of how past presidents had the good sense to confine their remarks to non-political topics.

February 1, 2012

Obviously a teacher...

Fraud in the recall singature drive?

Absolutely.  CRG Racine lays out one blatant case.

Dems whine about an accurate comparison

DNC Chair all in a tizzy about an accurate parallel being drawn between the Emperor and the Italian ship captain.

Too bad -- it is a perfect analogy - as a matter of fact it stops short.  Not only has the Emperor abandoned the ship of state to run for re-election, he has already spent the last 3 years running the ship of state aground in the first place!!

The DNC can dish it out with all their false and made up stories against the GOP candidates but they have no ability to deal with a criticism from the GOP - such a thin skin they have.

This is What Election Fraud Looks Like!

CRG of Racine uncovers fraud and fakes in the Van Wangaard recalls!
Election Fraud in the Wangaard Recall!

How about the Journal Times picking up this story?

There is a bill before Congress to not allow welfare cards to dispense cash at strip clubs, bars and liquor stores...

Speaking out against this bill, Gwen Moore.
While supporters claim that the bill is necessary to safeguard taxpayer dollars, critics claim it is stigmatizing those hit with hard times to score political points. Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore, claimed that the bill would "humiliate and marginalize" poor people.

"It many neighborhoods, the closest ATM is located in a nearby liquor store," Moore said when the bill was debated in December.


RDW in the RJT.

I have a letter to the editor in the Journal Times today.

Go read it.


Selective prosecution is an ugly thing.  Paging Mr. Bice, paging Mr. Chisolm.

Do you think the radical Madison DA will do anything?  No, of course not.

January 31, 2012

More Smoke & Mirrors from the Emperor

Did you get suckered in by the Emperor's SOTUS speech on oil exploration?  His words sounded right on but what about the actions that followed up his proclamation that he wants less dependance on foreign oil?  Here's the truth.

Are you one of the "Suckers" that think the Emperor is really in favor of less foreign oil?  I hope not.

I avoid Starbucks like the plague.

However, I might have to make an exception on 2-14.

January 30, 2012