January 27, 2012

Democrats on jobs, NO!

Yesterday in the Wisconsin Assembly the mining bill was passed on a straight party-line vote.  Every Wisconsin Democrat in the chamber voted no.

There are massive environmental protections built in on the state and federal level and the democrats used the environment as an excuse.  How very typical.

A day after the State of the State speech where Dems grandstanded on jobs they did their usual hypocrite act and gave the State of Wisconsin the finger.  These are high paying, generational, union jobs and the Democrats said no.

I'd like to say I'm surprised but I'm not.  Thousands of jobs between the actual mining, equipment and support services and the Democrats spit on them.

January 26, 2012

Here goes hyper partisan McCabe again.

Check out this gem from the partisan hacks at the Wisconsin "Democracy" Campaign.

WDC memo to senators: Reject anti-disclosure bill
The Democracy Campaign sent a memo to all members of the Wisconsin senate this morning expressing opposition to proposed legislation that rolls back disclosure of the financial interests of campaign donors. The memo includes an analysis of the legislation's impact on the public's right to know, quantifying the dramatic decrease in the number of campaign donors whose economic interests would be known if the bill is enacted
If you recall, Wisconsin's hate left went after the employers of people who dared to donate money to Governor Walker.  People gave of their personal funds and had their employers attacked and subject to boycotts due to their personal political choices based on information the WDC is trying to protect. 
Unfortunately the outrageous hateful behavior of Wisconsin's Democrat/Union slime machine makes this necessary.  Of course the hyper-partisan McCabe doesn't want that part of the story told, he just wants to make it seem like they are trying to withhold vital information.

Actions have consequences and this is in direct response of the unethical behavior of the left in Wisconsin of late.  Of course Mike is too busy looking at his photo albums from Fighting Bob Fest to tell that side of the story.

January 25, 2012

About those mean awful predatory banks....

About those mean awful predatory banks and the honest hardworking downtrodden victims of bad luck that they foreclose on....

Go read this tale of an Occupy spokesperson who had her home foreclosed on by evil Wells Fargo...

Only it wasn't her residence, it was her $750,000 vacation home, when she and her hubby work, have perfect credit and just decided to stop paying because her second home's value declined...

Evil banks.

Isn't it cute when the 1% pretend to be victims for political gain?

Remember folks, liberalism is hypocrisy.

Summary of the State of the Union Speech.

Obama is all-in on class warfare.

January 24, 2012

Muslims Discovered America!! (according to many history textbooks being used in the US today)

Do you know what your children are being taught in History Class? 

If not, you had better check out what's in the text books they are being given!!

I do not have any children in public school but I do have grandchildren and I intend to find out if the Racine Unified History texts are slanted toward an inaccurate Islamic oriented view of history.

I am not accusing Racine Unified of anything since I have not seen any history texts in a while, but I do intend to monitor what is being taught to my grandchildren just as I did with my own daughter who attended Racine Unified schools.  I am not against them learning what Islam is or where it came from, but revising the truth of US history in a way that is in the report I linked to is something I would not tolerate as a use of my tax dollars in our schools.

Deadlines Don't Matter -- Part 2

White House says they will NOT have a budget -- AGAIN!

In yet another TOTAL LACK OF LEADERSHIP & RESPONSIBILITY - the Emperor will not have a budget to give to Congress.

Part of the Hope and Change agenda I guess:  The Emperor "hopes" we won't notice the FACT that he made a "Change" in the ability of the administration to take responsibility to present a budget to Congress.  This is the 3rd time since elected he has FAILED in his fiscal responsibility to produce a budget.  He prefers to leave his change in place - the Change from responsible budgeting to GIGANTIC DEFICIT SPENDING with no end in sight.

How's that Hopey Changey thing workin for ya??


Check out the followng release from the supposedly non-biased Wisconsin Democracy Campaign and their Director long time left-wing hack Mike McCabe.

One percenters across America come to Walker's defense
It's official. Governor Scott Walker now has raised more campaign money than anyone seeking any state office in Wisconsin history. And he's just getting warmed up. A recall election has not yet been authorized, and Walker can continue to rake in donations of unlimited size until one is.

Walker's latest campaign finance report covering the last five weeks shows he raised more than $4.1 million in individual contributions, with 61% of those donations coming from outside Wisconsin. Walker received nearly $2.3 million from just 33 donors. The Democracy Campaign just posted a list of
contributions of over $1,000 received during this most recent reporting period.

Topping the list is Texas homebuilder Bob Perry, who gave another $250,000 to bring his total contributions to Walker to $500,000. Perry is best known as the man behind the smear group Swift Boat Veterans for Truth that aired attack ads against John Kerry in the 2004 presidential race. Three Missouri business executives also gave Walker $250,000 each.

In addition to the donations from individual contributors, two political action committees – Honeywell International's and one run by the Milwaukee chamber of commerce – made three contributions totaling $195,000. The state Republican Party also made two contributions totaling $124,501.
Does this read as released from a non-biased source?  Walker has done nothing wrong and is working within the rules in the State of Wisconsin.  They make him sound criminal for raising money to fight the unethical and sleezy recall campaign of the Wisconsin Dimocrats.  Had the Dims not caused this recall then Walker would not be raising all of this money,
McCabe's idea of being non-baised includes participating in the Fighting Bob socialist fest every year.  What a hack.

Deadlines don't matter....

Well they don't matter if you are the Dimocrat party of Wisconsin and you don't really care about filing required finance reports on time....

They should be fined.

January 23, 2012

MRQ - TrogloPundit Edition

Week after week after week the TrogloPundit provides strong random quotes.  It is about time we give him the whole deal...  Thanks for your contributions Trog!

Ruining the fruit salad.  Trog

you know who you are.  Trog

I'll be dissatisfied.  Trog


in a skin-tight outfit  Trog

Kim Kardashian Trog.

we're gonna make them drink Budweiser Trog

flirting with him Trog

an attractive young woman.  Trog

Philosophical Rhetoric and Transgender Racial Studies  Trog

testing required  Trog

the chick in the blue dress!   Trog

What am I, proud?  Trog

The Emperor "punts" again!!!

The Keystone pipeline is blocked by the Emperor but he can't bring himself to own up to his TOTAL LACK OF LEADERSHIP so he tries to place the blame on Hillary!!   

He pretends he was "rushed" into a decision by the GOP with too short a date top decide!!  This has been studied for the entire time he has been in the White House!!  Plus he tries to shed the responsibility by blaming a negative recommendation from Hillary?!!  What a bunch of bull crap!!

This goes beyond being STUPID by 1,000,000%.  Hey all you unemployed Unionistas  and Occupiers - Where's your outrage on this???

Hope and Change obviously does not include sanity when it comes to stimulating non-government based jobs!! 

The Emperor may as well go golfing - since that's the only thing he seems to want to improve during his term in office.  Would that be golf round #100 yet?  I bet it's pretty close.

The Oprah has spoken.

What an idiot.