January 12, 2012

The leader of the hate left.

The head of the DNC yesterday called out the TEA party in the wake of the one year anniversary of the Tuscon shooting.

How dare her.

The individual responsible for that tragedy was a Democrat and a crazy person.  The TEA party had nothing to do with that incident.  Using that tragedy for an dishonest political smear is abhorrent behavior.  But then that's what the left is becoming.  In the wake of Tucson the left called for civility and since that call they have behaved less and less civilly themselves.

Additionally in the wake of the occupy protests where rapes and murders occurred and that rabble continues to escalate their horrid behavior, Wasserman-Shultz dares to ignore that and blame the non-violent peaceful TEA party?  Seriously?  And the amazing thing is the mind numbed zombies of the hate left likely believe that nonsense.

Asking for constitutional principles to be held and asking for fiscal responsibility is not radical.  Putting out statements of support of the occupy lunacy is very radical. (Yes, Barack Obama supports that)

Supporting anarchy and violence to achieve your goals, destroying the eco-systems they over take, encouraging squatting, ignoring violence rampant drug use and rape, that's radical, that's uncivil.  The Occupy movement is pushed by the radical left and their union accomplices, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a waste of oxygen and a dishonest political hack without a shred of honesty or decency. 

That woman is a complete and total disgrace as is the media that will give her a complete and total pass on this.

Project Veritas and Vote Fraud.

Project Veritas is out with their latest video series, the new subject is vote fraud.

They sent reporters to attempt to vote using the names of dead people still on the voter roles in the New Hampshire primary.  Those reporters tried to show ID and were told time and time again they didn't need it and were given ballots.  They did not cast those ballots, that would be illegal.

While this does prove how easy it is to steal those votes and it makes a good argument as to why we should have voter ID making a big deal out of the fact that they were told ID wasn't required is SILLY.

The State of New Hampshire does not require an ID at the polls so getting people to say you don't need ID is simply true there.  You do need an ID to register.

While this project makes a great argument as to why ID should be required to cast a vote, asking about ID repeatedly to poll workers accomplishes precisely nothing as poll workers are simply executing the flawed system there.

By screwing up their priorities Project Veritas lessens their impact and provides a tool for the left to beat them down with.

Reality Check

Did I seriously just hear McDoofus say that “a system where everybody works is called communism” in an effort to defend Romney’s Bain experience?!?!

Listen up, people. Enough is enough. I cant stands no more!!!

Every single one of you that is still so full of yourselves that you think sticking by your candidate that has NO chance of winning – because of your vaunted personal principles – are ridiculously selfish and are clearly NOT a fans of the USA.
You think that’s too much?
I don’t.
Here’s the question you all seem to be asking yourselves:
Q: Do I like Paul/Santorum/Gingrich better than Romney?
A: Who the h&ll cares?!?

Here’s the question you *NEED* to be asking yourselves:
Q: Do I want to vote for Paul/Santorum/Gingrich to pat myself on the back for sticking my opinions and self-glorification or do I want to get the socialist out of the White House and take my country back?

If that question isn’t enough…Yay you!! For sticking with your principles and destroying the greatest country on Earth! At least you wont have a Mormon/moderate/{insert whatever justification you want here} as president. Because, you know, that’s important when the country’s broke and the masses are chanting “We’re #2 (or 3)!!”
No. You’ll have a socialist who doesn’t believe in capitalism, rights or a constitution that is nothing but a piece of paper written by a bunch of farmers a long time ago. Again: yay, you. At least you got what YOU wanted, not what’s best for the rest of us or even you progeny. Now be careful not to pull a muscle patting yourself on the back, it may not be fully covered by the gubbernment.

Still think that’s too much?
OK, on the high end, let’s say you vote for Paul. I’m sure his 25-30% of the vote will be juuuuust enough to get Obumbler out. Or is my math off?

No, I’m not a Romney guy. I actually DO like one of the others. Thing is, I am old enough now to see that there is more wisdom in “The longest journey starts with a single step” than “just swing at everything.” And before any of you say “well, all we need to do is convince more people”….yeah, reality check: not gonna happen. I will never be swayed to the left just as there are those that wont be swayed to the right. Elections really are won in the middle. Deal with it.
I decided to be an AMERICAN citizen, not a “Europe Lite” citizen.
We, as conservatives, lose elections like these because we do basically the same thing we accuse the left of doing: elitism.
“I’m so evolved and such a deep thinker that I’m going to vote for Paul/Santorum/Gingrich because I know better! I’m smarter than the rest of you and I’m not changing my mind!”
Good God.
Get. Over. Yourselves.
Grow the hell up and help the rest of us steer away from the cliff.

January 11, 2012

Ready for another Gas price increase?

EPA - plans to impose fines on oil companies for not meeting Biofuel standards.

Here's a chance for the Emperor to really LEAD for once.  He could step in and stop the EPA from imposing fines related to a Bush administration action from the EISA 2007 act.

What a great opportunity for the Emperor - but could he bring himself to do what is good for the economy and risk irritating the radical and out of control Environmental Wackos?  Not likely - so once again the middle class tax payers are likely to foot the bill for another ridiculous environmental mandate.

Newt has lost it.

Just got an email from Newt..

The title, Do you want to stop Mitt Romney or not?

No Newt, I want to stop BARACK (CENSORED) OBAMA

Somewhere Newt lost sight of the goal, his anger is clouding his judgment.  He just seems like an angry bitter man. 

F**K The Troops.

(D) Approved.

Isn't it amazing?  Those calling for civlity and saying the (R)s should be more moderate have gone to the very far left.

More proof the Emperor is in over his head

Emperor Obama considering releasing top Taliban operatives from GITMO

I continue to marvel at the Emperor's stupidity!!  Now he is considering a move to destabilize the world terror scene even more.  Known high level terrorists to be released?!!  What idiocy!!

The Emperor has no concept of justice or what it takes to work toward keeping our country secure from terrorism.  He thinks he can release terrorists as a means to start "negotiations"!! 

November cannot come too soon.

January 9, 2012

MRQ a resume enhancement


Blogging is like crack.  Trog.
so excited today.  Patrick
anything for a buck.  Drew.
consequence free  Steve
former hippie.  CFR
blatantly lying.  Cindy
that head of his.  Kevin

"A"  Owen

gain 10 pounds,  Elliot.

a resume enhancement.  Steve


a freakin' vibrator!  Kate

I'm so gay Stacey

Angry Bird?  Franf

I'm scolding Chad.  Tammy

In drag   Chad

Get more Kleenex!  CFR

suspect alcohol.  Tom

Yo...Old Man  Dipity

purdy.  Jimi

for the guys!  Gailann

head.off.  WebWit

get on that.  Cindy

a little bit creepy.  Patrick

we could play Pierre

Blogger Straw Poll.

We took a straw poll at the blog party yesterday.  Not everyone voted but here are the results.

Santorum -7
Romney - 3
Perry - 1
Gingrich - 1
Mitch Daniels - 1
Anyone but Obama - 1
Shoebox - 1

To you Paul-bots, yes, Ron Paul was on the ballot, he got no votes.

2012 Blog Predictions.

The following predictions were collected at the 2011 Blog Christmas party.

I predict no ones predictions will come true.  The 'Ol Broad.  (How optimistic)

Packers win the Super Bowl, Walker stays Governor, Obama goes bye-bye.   Spammy

It will snow sometime.  Mark.

UW Athletics has its worst year in history under the time of Barry Alvarez.  Kevin Binversie

The Democrats will shoot any chance they have to be respected in Wisconsin.  Mary

The attempt to recall Scott Walker fails, Graeme Zielinksi's head explodes.  Dooley

Barret & Falk have a nasty primary but end up having an affair.  Walker wins in a landslide.   Nuclear bomb "accidentally" explodes in Iran.   Israel opens first ever glass min in the mid-east.  Silent-E

Encounter with Iran.  Kent.

Walker recall effort fails after challenges eliminate enough signatures to certify the recall.  Patrick.

Even though the "rats" lose the Senate, Harry Reid still controls things in 2013.  Egg

Republicans grow their majorities.  Yosamite

Obama loses in a landslide.  Kyle

Walker survives the recall, Occupy movement vanishes, DOJ tries to stop voter ID in Wisconsin.  CFR

Green Bay Packers win the SuperBowl.  Dooley