January 6, 2012


Send the bill to the SEIU and Mikie Tate.  That's the estimated cost from the GAB for the recall election of Scott Walker...

That is if there is no primary.


Obviously raaaaacist.

Judicial Common Sense...

What do you know?  You can get a legal ruling that makes common sense in Wisconsin.

Well, you have to get out of Dane county but it is apparently possible.

January 5, 2012

It would seem the great unifier...

Is now just a tin-horn dictator.

Who needs that nasty old separation of powers anyways?

Just grab as much power as you can while you are president and say it is for the people's good. Do whatever is necessary to get around Congress. You don't need or want their input. You don't need to respect the American system of checks and balances. Your opinions should rule the nation unhampered. A new America. Hope and change.

January 4, 2012

Hi Kids I'm Home.

We've been rolling through the country over the last couple of weeks, sorry for the lack of postings....

The Egg-Man is doing his yearly awards, I got my nominations in before we left.  Check it out.