November 5, 2012

MRQ S*** just got real.


need some empty cardboard boxes.  Wigdy 

no idea what a Pay Pal is.  Dan

the more you drink.  Trog

egotistical jackass  Kevin

laughing so hard Ric

that time  Patrick


there are people like this.  Wigdy

slaughtered by the libs Dipster

does NOT bode well.  Pete

rewarded with a shooting  Cindy

laughed out loud  Peter

Chewy and overpowering  Web Wit

Behold the bacon  CFR

needs a good masseuse Penny

share it  Jim

gooooood drugs,  Patrick

beat them with the bag.  Aaron

covered in snot Jib

S*** just got real  Casper

she gives me the finger  Casper

Fred Dooley drawed and quartered me.  Pierre

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