October 6, 2012

Public Service Commission of Wisconsin lends a deaf ear - to residents

How about a moment for another topic as we wait for the next debate? In case you don't read the CapTimes, here is my letter from last week that exposes records of the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, showing a pattern of denial of resident requests to not have "smart" utility meters on their homes. Not everyone embraces having more wireless, especially on their own living space.

The FCC guidelines for exposure to radiofrequency radiation do not protect anyone from non-thermal effects, only microwave heating levels. How did this happen? A scientist, who researched radiofrequency biological effects recently made a statement about what happened. This thesis also explains the unusual trail of decision-making, unlike most public protection policy.

Meanwhile, while scientists and experts continue to duke it out on the safety of pulsed radiofrequency (to the delight of the industry), individuals ought to at least have the right to use a safe, dependable, economical, private analog meter for electric/gas/water utilities. Whose home it is anyhow?

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