October 22, 2012

One rule for me, another for thee

Just got back from checking in person absentee voting at Racine City Hall.  Everything appeared to be going smoothly.  I did, however, have occasion to point out to Deputy City Clerk Donna Deuster that democrat observer/flunkie, Kelly Gallaher, resplendent in her electric yellow observer vest, was violating GAB rules regarding election observers.  Gallaher, who chastises others for perceived violations of GAB rules in her "anonymous" root river skank blog, was illegally conversing with voters in the polling place - probably the single biggest infraction an observer can commit.  Kelly knows full well that she is not allowed to interact with voters, but she figures that she does not have to follow the same rules as the rest of us.

We're watching you Kelly, as much as that idea hurts our eyes...

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