October 15, 2012

MRQ too important to ignore.


just float away.  Trog

behaved like a complete ass.  Wigdy

take a break  Dipster

a arrogant, rich, belligerent, rich, powerful, rich, white guy  Dan

give you goosebumps.  Cindy

likely plenty more  CFR

your place for idiocy  Kevin

marrying gay men.  Elliot

I don't think.  Kate


someone was butchered in my bathroom.  CFR

I feel dirty.  Dipster 

need to be spanked.  Cindy

trying to kill my ass  Web Wit

life's simple.   Lisa

really tiny.  Franf

be a viqueen  Jim

too important to ignore  Agniesczka

rocked the earth Glenda

All I asked for more is three more  Wigdy   (Snickers?)

spit....spit...spit everwhere!  Tori

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