October 22, 2012

MRQ - not necessarily accurate


not necessarily accurate  Steve

off the wall  Wigdy

the teacher is to blame.  Bussorah

give me a little.  Cindy

liberal morons are afraid of the truth.   Dan

put it bluntly  Kevin

produce that which we value.  Maggie

it's not so hard  Shark

logs the unhinged.  Steve

take great pleasure  Elliot

brain dead  Kate


have nice things.  Aaron

plastic penis  CFR

Groping men.  Web Wit

not buyin' it Franf

very relaxing.  Patrick

bratwurst in the morning.  Pierre

drunk texting.  Carrie

Grrrrz! Dipster

Spocktoberfest  Tom

scary in there Cindy

I'm watching you.  Jim

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