October 16, 2012

In Bice (D) trusts.

Brian Sikma asked a few questions of Journal Sentinel columnist Daniel Bice who really wants us to think he isn't biased

Subject matter of recent Bice columns in order:  Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Neumann, County Lobbyist, Everest, Everest, Black, Black, Walker/Black, Thompson, Ryan, Hovde, Dems plan to attack Ryan if he is VP, Wall, attack private businessman that is Obama critic.

Yeah, that's some real balanced column material Dan... 

If you read him you would have no idea how radical Tammy Baldwin is of but you'll  know that Tommy Thompson has a home in Florida.  

So now 71 year olds having a Florida home is a bad thing?

Gotta stop here, on our way to meet with Mrs. RDW's Aunt and Uncle for lunch before they head to their home in Florida for the winter.  What terrible out of touch people they are.

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