July 2, 2012

MRQ what's not to love?


get off my lawn.  Althouse

cock-eyed   Scoff

all wet  Wigdy

liberalismatwork Dipity

be careful out there  Dan

it gets fun.  Cindy

gonna be huge.  Trog.

going to take it anyway.  Steve

what's not to love?  Kevin

club of death Jim.


a good bar.  Franf

Throw the ball.  Chad

be a redneck  Patrick

passoutpukediealloftheabove  Dipity

indulging in The Big Bang  Cindy

feel tiny.  CFR

I do like to experiment  Web Wit

I was watching QVC   Pierre

follow me.  Carrie

I might be heterosexual.  James.

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