July 30, 2012

MRQ how often do you get to go to an Irish bar


Kinky  Dan.

someone’s internals  Cindy

a very lucky girl.  Trog

passing the buck.  Kevin

we're stupid.  Kate

make the cut.  Trog.

younger women I desire.  Elliot

Cheap yet chic.  Dipity

stupid and immoral.  Kevin

Madonna being booed Dan

you bore me — goodbye  Althouse

feminist squirrels protesting the skimpy outfits  Trog


marry a Kardashian Tom

how often do you get to go to an Irish bar  Wigdy.  (Not often enough)

Slips me some tongue.  Casper

you didn't build that.  Vicki

a while new level of hate.  Franf.

will be charged.  Pierre

Things that make ya go.  CFR

Carry me to the pool.  Web Wit

dress up for me.  Cindy

Peanut & Jose'  Boyd  (Works for me)

borderline inappropriate  Carrie.

I've got a man crush  Jim

big ol' left leaning bitch slap  Dipster

held "every so often."  Patrick

humbling.  Pete

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