July 23, 2012

A letter the Editor will not publish.

Jayne Siler wrote a letter to the editor of the Racine Journal Times.  The Editor, Steve Lovejoy, would not print this.  Jayne's opinion has merit so I'll be happy to publish it.   This is the same Steve Lovejoy that prints every whacko theory the left comes up with, especially if there is a Koch reference.

Locally elected officials and government  employees in Racine have no end to their excuses for incompetence.    
In mind, is the June 5 recall election in the city of Racine where the district attorney had claims of election fraud investigated.  The mayor blames the poll watchers.  His sidekick cousin Eddie, I mean Friedel,  blames a shortage of workers yet Racine routinely has one of the highest  unemployment rates in the State.  The Government Accountability Board cries foul and protects incompetence.  Best yet,  the City of Racine's election clerk has no idea what happened.
Public high school students skipped school at the command of local Democratic activist groups to go out to Democratic wards to get people to vote.  Union fist t-shirted activists showed up at polls offering food and drink to voters.  Laws say they're not allowed within 100 feet of a polling place.  
With close to 4,500 same day registrations in the City of Racine, this amounts to 8% of eligible voters.  These voters, who have no real interest in elections in the first place, had help in deciding who to vote for.  Poll books weren't signed by voters as required by law.  Voters voted multiple times.  Chief polling inspectors denied challenges brought up by poll watchers.
Truly, incompetence reigns in Racine when it comes to elections not to mention the lack of ethics at all levels.  The GAB just writes it off to poorly trained election workers.  I would say corrupt.

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