June 11, 2012

Partisan Hijacking of Taxpayer Funded RUSD Schools

Our tax dollars at work:
"Youth Empowered for the Struggle" is a youth arm of radical illegal immigrant rights group "Voces de la Frontera."  Y.E.S is organized in taxpayer-funded Racine Unified public schools, with guidance from teachers who collect a paycheck from Racine taxpayers.  The largest YES group is found in Racine Horlick High School, which is officially classified as a failing school by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction; Despite the school's poor academic performance, they still allowed the day before finals to be a day of partisan political activism instead of academics, by allowing students to participate in a democrat aligned Get Out The Vote effort run from the Racine Labor Center, and focused on majority democrat wards in the city.  This activity was organized on school property, using school resources, and during school academic time.  Students rode in vans (paid for by ???) covered in partisan political slogans exhorting people to vote for Barret, Mitchell, and Lehman, and dispatched from the Labor Center - hardly neutral political ground.

 This is directly from the Y.E.S. facebook page:
"Final results from YES Get Out the Vote Racine today:
* 350 high school student volunteers gave their day
* 50 teachers and community members volunteered
* knocked on 8,100 doors
* talked to 2,500 people who already voted
* convinced 1,200 people to VOTE!"

Those 1200 people were found in 70-90% democrat wards.  Van Wanggaard was defeated by 779 votes.  Do the math.  It was not just rampant voter fraud that swung the election last Tuesday, it was also a partisan hijacking of our public schools.

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