June 11, 2012

MRQ Cherubs Wearing Cheesheads


Lotsa beer.  Scoff

a lot of hot air.  Wigdy

making fun of people.  Dan

the elusive guy-I’d-like-most  Cindy

nobody got shot.Trog 

Cherubs Wearing Cheeseheads.  Steve

the way it should be.  Elliot.

Go right on losing.  Owen.


reaching for the Xanax.  CFR

horning, horning, horning Web Wit

liberal hippie freakfort  Sara

I broke a promise  Patrick

mean group(ie) Tammy

Presidential M&Ms  Carrie

to the jail  Boyd

makes people dumber Jib

a few patio pounders.  Pierre

raked over the coals.  Pete

gunga galunga Tom

no rest for the wicked.  Cindy

bourbon-bacon-brownies Justin

classiest liberal.  Kevin

I had to take it out.  Franf

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