June 15, 2012

More on exploitation of Racine students and misappropriation of RUSD resources

Aaron over at Purple Wisconsin has an account by students from Case High School about the misuse of children for political purposes by radical groups in Racine schools.

“A girl had told me we would go out knocking on doors to get people out to vote on Tuesday. I asked her is it biased? She said that it was nonpartisan, and that it was not biased. They had said that we cannot tell them to vote for a specific candidate . . . When we had arrived at the labour [sic] center, I noticed signs for Lehman and Barrett. That was the first sign that this may be biased. This was all run by Y.E.S. which is Youth Empowered for a Struggle, and Voces de la Frontera - both I am now aware are slanted towards the left, and not nonpartisan as they claim.
The areas had already been walked earlier in the morning and we had done three passes through the same areas, instead of moving to a different area. I am from Case High School, and I do not understand why we had not canvased by the school, instead we canvased by Roosevelt Elementary by the lake, and the area around Goold St. Which is a good distance away from Case High School.”

"Another student from Case High School claimed that teachers were directing YES to pass out sign-up sheets in school for a get-out-the-vote drive. The student said she was approached by kids asking asking whether she needed “volunteer hours.” They suggested that credits could be earned by taking a van into SAFE neighborhoods to “knock on doors to encourage people to get out and vote”"

So these kids were told they could get credit and service hours for this non-partisan effort, and got in a van at Case High School, drove through any number of conservative or split wards, on their way to a nice solidly democratic ward, where their exploiters knew they would get the right kind of voter to the polls...

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