May 2, 2012

Where's the outrage?

A beautiful young 10 year old boy beaten to death by his stepfather.  Hit more than 70 times with a rolling pin.

Two reporters beaten nearly to death by a mob of 30 people with even more looking on, they "Did it for Trayvon."  The paper those reporters worked for didn't cover the beating.

Right here in Racine, 150 fighting at the King Center on Martin Luther King Drive.  The Racine Journal Times doesn't even cover this.

The President of the United States "identifies" with the Occupiers, that riot in Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco.

Members of Congress grandstanded for Trayvon, why don't they speak out about this tragic beating of a 10 year old?  A black stepfather beating a black child isn't news?  Why isn't that a source for outrage?  Why aren't Jessee Jackson and Al Sharpton beating a path to get in front of the TV Cameras there?  Simple, there aren't any.

When 30 people attack 2 based on their color not only isn't it a hate crime, it isn't even worthy of coverage when the people who were beaten were newspaper reporters.

Why doesn't Obama come out and speak about the death of this precious 10 year old child?  No political points to be made. 

Why doesn't Obama speak out against these mob beatings?  No political points to be made, he wants the mobs vote.

Why doesn't Obama speak out against the violence, vandalism, rapes and murders in the occupy movement?  No political points to be made, he wants their votes.

There was all this great talk that this President would take us beyond race.  Any time you criticize this President the left uses race as an excuse to attack those who disagree with him.  In fact I think we are at more of a powder-keg over race than ever before.

This is Abdifatah Mohamud.  He is the 10 year old child that was beaten to death.  He was a great student, and the only record he had was calling 911 to report the abuse he got at the hands of his stepfather.

If Obama had a son he'd look a lot like Abdifatah, it is a damned shame that our President doesn't care enough about this to speak out about it. 

Our media is so in the tank for Obama they aren't even telling these stories.  I ask you, where is the outrage?

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