May 13, 2012

Senator Wirch will face Pam Stevens in District #22

If you live in the City of Racine or City of Kenosha this November you will have a choice of Senate candidate. Listen tomorrow to Lenny Palmer on AM 1050 at 8:00 am to 8:30 where our next State Senate candidate will appear for an exclusive interview! This GOP Senate #22 candidate is unlike anyone who has ever run in Racine or Kenosha County.

Pam Stevens has served 9 years (three terms), on the KUSD School Board, 2 years as it's President.  Pam will be running on education reform and excess Govt. mandates. Pam will also focus on crime and infrastructure improvements in SE Wisconsin, without raising taxes. Watch her website for more info. (Linked below).

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Many of you will remember the recall attempt of Senator Wirch after his shameful escape to Rockford, IL rather than face up to his responsibility to represent the people of Kenosha County.  Jonathan Steitz ran against him in a recall attempt and lost..but now the ledger is re-written Wirch must now face voters in the City of Racine.  This new fresh face will rattle the traditional rules of electoral "combat".  So tune in tomorrow morning for a chance to hear a from Bob Wirch's challenger.   A candidate with 9 years of elected experience, a known constituency in the City of Kenosha..and Racine which is essentially an open seat ready to hear from both candidates.

PS   Peter Barca It looks like you will have a challenger this fall too!

More details to follow tomorrow morning!

Like her on Facebook @ and follow her campaign.  Ask her questions? invite to a get together at your home and invite your friends!

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