May 3, 2012

The Reality

As some of you may know, my boss is from jolly ol' England.
His political views are shall we say...slanted - through his own admission - hard to the left. This morning, as he was leaving for a trip back, and since I wouldn't have to see him for a week, I thought I would prod him a little by bring up some politics (:^D. The recall, of course.
I asked (ME): Did you remember to vote before you leave?
BossMan (BM): For what? There's no election.
ME: Well, there primaries are on Tuesday..
BM:  Oh, that. No, I didn't have time to vote. Besides, I already know who I'm voting for. My vote in the primary will be nothing more than insignificant.
ME: Oh, really? Other than the obvious side - who? .....why??

I was so sure how this conversation was going to go.
I even had my reply speech worked out in my head!
It would involve me being incredulous and asking how he could possibly vote for Falk/Barrett as a small business owner? The opening line could be "Come on! As a home owner, you can't possibly...."
Instead, I got this:

BM: Made up my mind months ago - Walker. As a property owner, it would be irresponsible for me to vote otherwise. This whole recall has just been a huge waste of time and money by a special interest who didn't get their way. Its been silly.

To describe my reaction as stunned would be a galactic understatement.
I hope this clarifies to RDW and CFR why this eternal pessimist is actually feeling rather positive about this coming election.

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