May 31, 2012

Not Flinging the Bling at early voters!

The Knock & Draggers have been out en force in Milwaukee, Madison and Racine.  Trying to find those voters that otherwise might stay home.  Some are hanging out at polling places wearing "JOBS Now" T-shirts, reports of mentally incompetent nursing home elders are requesting permanent absentee ballots.

 This election the Knock and Draggers aren't getting the kind of $$$ for their service they have scored in past elections.    I have heard reports from sources that many of the rider/voters are used to getting on the bus, going down to vote and then getting a little "Bling"  when they show off their "I voted" sticker.   Sometimes it's a drink coupon, sometimes it's a deal off a little BBQ at Wilburs back in the day.  (In Milwaukee "Speed Queen" BBQ is the prize...and I'm told it's the best BBQ in the state!).  But this year the confidence in the results..seem to be in question..and the regular joints aren't willing to Fling the Bling!   Poll watchers at Racine City Hall haven't seen a whole lot of early voting..I guess Barrett and Lehman aren't very stimulating guys.

Reports from Milw. City Hall from Saturday when the Dems threw a big shebang to get out the vote (GOTV) and only about 350 city voters early voted on Saturday. far fewer than than the extra couple thousand they had hoped to get.

In Racine County the Democratic Party seem to be in disarray.   In fact the RDP which has had 2 major upheavals in the past 7 years in it's leadership..seems to be on the verge of yet another mutiny.  Jane Witt's leadership "style" doesn't seem to create a very welcoming follower-ship.  Her intolerance and brash personality has rubbed some of her "subjects' the wrong way.  Some of those other factions seems to be quite unhappy.  It also appears to be a little bit of a race or class division.  After the RDP's nudging Bob Turner out of running so they could save a seat for Corey Mason...some of the black members are realizing they might just be needed for GOTV and not really needed in between elections.

AFSCME membership is in free fall!   It's amazing how many AFSCME members have left. Nearly 55% of them have quit in the first year they the chance!  Imagine how many will quit here in the City of Racine when the contracts expire in 2013.

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