May 25, 2012

No garbage pickup.

Early last evening the phone rang, based on the caller ID I thought it was another political call.

Nope, it was the Racine Department of Public Works.

They were sending out a recording letting Racine residents know that if their garbage pickup is normally on Monday that it will not be picked up until the following Monday due to Memorial Day.

Furthermore if that is your scheduled day for recycling that those items would be picked up in two weeks.

Wouldn't you know it Monday is my pickup day for both.

In the past items were always picked up on the next day.  Now in a new and apparently improved system those of us with Monday pickup will apparently just be ignored every time there is one of these 3-day weekends.

Funny I didn't notice my property tax bill reflecting the new reduction in services.

Oh well, I guess I need to pay them not to pick up the garbage.

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