May 7, 2012

MRQ we're laughing at you.


earlobes in the lobby.  Scoff

a bunch of radicals.  Wigdy

picked intentionally  Trog

Evil EVIL Ric

that idiotic fist.  Jib

conjure up the next diversion  Steve

make me Elliot

a beer, a brat and a Brewer game. Roland

get it done.  Cindy


convinced the husband.  CFR

morally reprehensible.  Gerry

I make him show.  CFR

Chris does.  Kelly

you spilled it on me.  Web Wit

just devoured my neighbor's cat.  Ric

The Kissing Sailor.  Pete

could have said no.  Franf

I never thought.  Carrie

more toys   Cindy

learn not to beg.  Gravelle

we're laughing at you.  Tom

an oomph to my love Dipity

I was pole dancing.  Gailann

some nasty stuff going on.  Jimi

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