May 28, 2012

MRQ sausage-based wisecracks


Jim Widgers– Wigjer– Wigglesworth   Scoff

make this stuff up.  Wigglesworth

freaked out.  Kevin

hate in the name of love and bully in the name of tolerance  Bristol

I only need another $10  Bssorah

unfortunate pink Trog

heartless greedy murderers.  Steve

I might need one.  Elliot

sausage-based wisecracks  Althouse

gave a kid a wedgie  Blue

tin foil hat wearing fools  Dan

Gross.  Trog


randomly vacate  Aaron 

must take photo  Gailann

MORE WINE!!! Dipity

two hidden alien flippers  Keith

No no no no no  Pierre

very very cute  Tom

Join the party Ric

I may be old.  CFR

take a powder MCPO

look what Webby did!  Kelly

post this  Web Wit  (Yes Ma'am)

just wrong.  Franf

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