May 18, 2012

Emperor O's attack on previous presidents biographies

The Emperor has decided to edit the biographies of previous Presidents by inserting tid-bits about himself into their content.

For a supposedly smart man he really is stupid!  He fails to understand something as simple as what a biography is, and in an attempt to bolster his name in history has his hacks editing the content of other Presidents bios.

What kind of "Hope & Change with full disclosure and accountability" does this represent?  The Narcissism of this man is beyond belief!!  This pales when contrasted with his all out march toward Marxism and bankrupting of our economy but it is another example of just how much everything is about him and NEVER about what is ethical, honest or good for our country.

Hey all you "Obama-ites" out there - care to defend this stupidity?  I'd love to hear your justification for his corrupting of historical biographies.

The best thing we can do is make sure he gets evicted from the White House this year and give him a one way ticket back to Kenya where he was born.

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