May 20, 2012

Does Walking In Your Constituents Shoes Make You Unfit to Represent Them?

The Root River Skank (I will not link to that vile excuse for a human being) has written another hit piece, this time on a Kenosha woman who announced her intention to run for the 22d district state senate seat currently held by that great example of the taxidermist's art, Bob "Fleebagger" Wirch.  This woman, who is otherwise an extremely intelligent, energetic, and imaginative applicant for the job, has unfortunately, like many in this economically devastated corner of Wisconsin, apparently run into some financial problems.  The Root River Skank takes great delight in detailing those problems, based on Wisconsin Circuit Court records. 

Now, according to the Circuit Court website, it is a violation of state law to discriminate against a job applicant because of an arrest or conviction record unrelated to the job in question.  You could argue, I suppose, whether having been a victim of economic circumstance ought to disqualify a person from having a voice in the political process, but doing so might prove a bit inconvenient for the Skank, insofar as many of the signatures she herself helped to gather during the recall process came from people with significantly worse backgrounds than that prospective candidate.  And, if having financial difficulties was a disqualifying factor, will the Skank be endorsing the Republican challenger to the Skank's friend and fellow traveler, Representative Gwen Moore, who has irregularities of her own?

One of the things that makes that woman such a great potential candidate to represent the people of the 22d district is the extent to which she already walks in their shoes.  They're hardworking people, who happen to be a little down on their luck, and resembling her constituents, with their same problems and same dreams, ought not be a disqualification.

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