April 11, 2012

Obama's Lie.

What happened to the laser like focus on jobs?

All I hear him flapping his gums about is tax fairness.

Obama is outraged that one tax (Capital gains) is less than another tax (Income).   That somehow is not fair in his very narrow mind.

Apparently it is not fair that an orange is not an apple. 

Obama is wasting time and taxpayer money by flying around the country on our dime pretending to do "official" business while instead running for re-election, giving stump speeches and attending big dollar fund raisers that only those people Obama is demonizing can afford to attend.  Class warfare is his only message these days, besides pandering to the 1% to fund his re-election effort..

I guess the laser like focus on jobs is actually a laser like focus on taking money out of the economy to fund his re-election and firing up the masses against the EVIL rich.  An evil rich Obama needs.

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