April 2, 2012

MRQ wicked tuna


can't see my hands.  Trog

officially a chubby chaser.  Elliot

I am owned by the big.  Steve

This will be fun.  Owen

wears a hoodie  Steve

a point to this.  Lumberjack

gonna have some fun.  Cindy

disenfranchise the voices in my head  Wigdy

already drunk.  Scoff


Every Facebook Random Quote this week comes from last week's FBRQ/MRQ post.  Why?  Because they were good and I'm lazy.

wicked tuna.  Kelly.

Chris is easy.  Webby

maybe I am CFR

teach me how.  MCPO

pin it on her Kelly

cheaper than waxing Lance

Brad Pitt was involved.  Cindy

Duct Tape Bra  Jim

heroin binge Me

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