April 5, 2012

If Congress won't do what I want - I will go around them!!

The Emperor says - take heed and listen.  If you don't you put yourself at risk.

Emperor O has spoken - translation = If Congress does not do my bidding I will go around them and DECREE what needs to be done.

Once again our Marxist Socialist Emperor is willing to forget the Constitution and continue his march toward full out conversion to his Socialist Utopia.  We cannot afford to have him in the White House any longer and for sure we cannot give him an additional 4 years to continue his regime's reign in Washington.

The only thing he learned by being a Constitutional teacher is that he HATES our Constitution and wants to abolish it in favor of his agenda as Emperor, so he can rule by decree instead of by following our tried and true system with an elected and accountable representative republic.  He is public enemy #1.  We can kiss our hard fought freedoms goodby if he remains in office.

He goes on to say - “With or without Congress, I’m going to continue to fight for them. I do hope Congress joins me instead of spending the coming months in a lot of phony political debates focusing on the next election.”  What a bunch of crap!!  He has been focused on his re-election for over a year now to the exclusion of being the leader the country needs.  The only good thing about his total focus on re-election is that it has slowed him down a little on ramming his socialist agenda down our throats.

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