April 18, 2012

Emperor eats dog for lunch!!

The Emperor tasted a variety of cuisine in his life - including dog!!

While the "First Dog" gets to travel in style at tax payer expense - the Lame street media and the Dems see fit to criticize Romney for taking his dog along on a trip!! I admit the mode of travel was a bit unusual, but did it harm the dog in any way?

I have vilified the Emperor many times in this blog for his idiocy but it's appropriate to point out another example of the TOTAL TWO FACED news coverage and attitude from the Looney Left!!

Did we hear any outcry from the likes of PETA when it is revealed that the Emperor has eaten dog?    Not a peep that I am aware of.   As an amateur chef I encourage my family to try new and different cuisine but dog is not one of those items I would ever add to my diet regardless of the culture.

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