March 1, 2012

Recall John Lehman

When John Lehman was a State Senator there was a small group that tried to start an effort to recall him due to his big spending irresponsible ways. 
I was approached and asked to support that effort, I declined.
You see when Lehman ran for senate he said that if you wanted a big government advocate and a tax increaser he was your guy.
In short he did what he said he was going to do and did it.  That is not cause for a recall.
Unfortunately John Lehman did not take as principled a stance in the current recall effort.  Not only did he sign the recall petition against Senator Wanggaard he is now running against him. 
In a letter to the Journal Times today Lehman criticized corporate money as a big special interest.  Funny how the hypocrite Lehman will put out his hand to accept the special interest money of the unions that will back his unethical campaign.
We lost 150,000 jobs on Lehman’s watch, not surprising when senators as anti-business as him ruled the Wisconsin Senate.
Now that Wanggaard and Walker are turning Wisconsin around and have tackled the budget mess that Lehman ignored and made worse John Lehman thinks he deserves his old job back.
If for some reason the unthinkable happens and John Lehman does become the Senator from the 21st again, I will lead the recall effort against him.  After all he has set the precedent.

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