March 12, 2012

MRQ really dirty


really dirty  Trog

unflinching  Roland

implausible things do happen  Owen

a lot of crappy shots.  Elliot

the Axis of Powdered Wigs Steve

#%*@^$!!!!  Kevin

For seven hundred bucks, I can get twins Scoff


spooning leads to forking.  Stacey

decided to stand me up.  Gailann  That ain't smart, everyone knows Gailann has LOTS of guns.

I feel old.  Patrick

a kill in the living room.  CFR

a constant annoyance Dipity

meet some hot wrinkly old men  Carrie

I don't care  Holly

infected by an alien zombie  Tom

a perjurer Pierre

beer run Aaron

a bit invasive  Christian

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