March 26, 2012

MRQ gnomes and power tools.


suggested we hook up  Cindy

do as I say.  Dan

I'm socialist  Trog

wishing for death 'Ol Broad

He's Got Nads!  Patrick

absolutely astonishing.  Elliot

open another Leinenkugel  Steve

snarktastic   Egg..

hoping for aliens.  Kevin

can't make the hole any bigger.  Trog

draw me a beer.  Scoff


couldn't be more embarrassed  Dipity

Whatcha doin'?   Franf

proven innocent  Gailann

Ewww!   Wit

listening to local girls.  Pierre

vodka makes you  CFR

starring in an X-Rated Gravelle

totally and completely in love  Bella.

gnomes and power tools.  Jim

going to bed  Holly

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