March 21, 2012


                                                      Obama Edsel II

Let's call it the Obama Edsel II instead of the Chevy Volt.  That is a more fitting descriptor to a car that is not likely to go anywhere but down.  The "Great Green Car" of the future is a FAILURE!  The people who are buying them are those in the "evil" 1%!!  Average income of an Obama Edsel II owner is $175,000.  Why is that?  Because the average worker is smart enough to recognize that the Obama Edsel II is not a "working man's car" because none of the advanced technology and new features make it practical for everyday use. 

The original Edsel failed according to marketing experts because the Edsel up as a supreme example of the corporate culture’s failure to understand American consumers.

Failure to understand the American consumer is something the Emperor does on a daily basis.  He believes he can force his desires on the American consumer by edict from the White House and by throwing millions of our tax dollars at the Obama Edsel II by subsidizing each purchase by $7500 tax credit.  I would never buy an Obama Edsel II and I sure don't want my tax dollars helping some rich 1% lefty buying his Obama Edsel II. 

The original Edsel is now considered a collectors item not to be driven but to show at car shows un-driven and preserved for all to see an example of marketing gone wrong.  Will we see Obama Edsel II's in antique shows of the future?  That's where they belong.

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