February 21, 2012

They don't get it in Illinois either....

From the Lakeland Times.

To the Editor:

Dear Wisconsin neighbors, your campaign to recall Gov. Walker simply amazes those of us in Illinois.

Gov. Walker is the only governor in recent years that has put aside being politically correct and is making correct decisions for the betterment of the entire state of Wisconsin.

He is upholding his oath of office. He is trying his best to get Wisconsin out of the financial mess you find yourself in and is doing so by not being politically correct but instead making correct decisions.

Illinois could only wish that we had a governor with the guts and stamina to make correct decisions. The current Illinois Gov. Quinn is a puppet of the Chicago political machine. He has raised income taxes 67 percent. He is not paying the bills the State of Illinois owes. He is chasing business out of the State of Illinois. He is making decisions for a select few and not the entire State of Illinois.

So, tell you what, Wisconsin, instead of you trying to recall your governor how about we make a deal? We will trade you the current Illinois Gov. Quinn for your Gov. Walker. Then you can spend your time recalling those Wisconsin legislators that instead of doing their job ran and hid in Illinois.

­­In addition, with Quinn you will no longer need to worry about the governor making correct decisions - it is guaranteed those decisions will only be politically correct.

Steve Gant

Durand, Ill.

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