February 6, 2012


About three years ago there was a movement stirring about that wanted to recall John Lehman for irresponsible budgeting and massive tax increases...

I was asked to support that movement, I turned them down as the correct action was to support a strong candidate to replace Lehman as policy issues weren't the reason for recall, an ethical cause was.  After all, in the election Lehman said that if you wanted higher taxes and bigger government than he was your guy.  All he did was what he said he was going to do, just like ScottWalker and Van Wanggaard.

Well it is nice to know that former Senator Lehman isn't principled enough to take a similar stance. He has proven himself to be nothing but an unprincipled partisan hack just like the majority of the rest of the left wingers out there.

I don't think John Lehman has a chance in hell in a recall but if for some reason he does become a Wisconsin State Senator again I will be leading the recall effort to throw his worthless hide out of office as soon as he is eligible to be recalled.

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