February 27, 2012

MRQ watch the grease splatter


wearing a Bears hat in public.  Trog

Did I mention pie?  Wigdy  "Of course you did, you always do, usually Snickers Pie"

I’m definitely a sexist.  Kate

super-macho  Althouse

working out  Patrick

I did cocaine in the same room as the president  Owen

a good tight end Kevin

loped to death by hungry jackals Scoff


My date.  Dipity

watch the grease splatter.  WebWit

feelings are not facts.  CFR (profound)

I don't really like people  Stacey

just a fun decoration.  Will

A good kinda sore.  Anne

let the wild rumpus begin.  Molly

access all areas Franf

struggling emotionally.  Cindy

you've got it.  Christie

free hard liquor  Pierre

valium on speed Tom.

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