February 6, 2012

MRQ quite bi-polar

he’s raaacist  Wigdy.  (There are 5 aaaaas in raaaacist Wigs.)
this goat is no kid  Bussorah
I kid  Trog
spoiled rotten  Beth
 a little Dowdlerization never hurt anybody  Trog
Zambonie  Kevin  (If there is a better work in the English language I don't know what it is.)


up to your mouth.  Ric

Who'd a Paris

forget the question.  Pierre

Graeme Cracka Gailann

I had completely forgot.  'Ol Broad.  (What is the first thing to go again?)

quite bi-polar  CFR

challenge the gate Will

I'm gonna drink it.  Brother Jim

need a boyfriend Sara

friend with benefits.  Franf  (That this RQ follows the last is strictly coincidence)  Bwahahahahaha.

want to do that  Chad

CowTalk Carrie

in the middle of arguing Stacey

I'd turn gay Jimi

Excuse me while I lick  Patrick

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