February 16, 2012

Miles Kristan is now Protesting Weddings, Book Early!

Miles Kristan, Local radical famous for stalking, dumping beer and ladies lingerie on elected officials, (Assemblyman Robin Vos). In between "Pink Slip Boy's" arrests. (CCAP report here) Miles is now coordinating with the Capitol Police Chiefs Tubbs to intimidate, interrupt, delay and ruin wedding days for Wisconsin Brides everywhere! We suggest you call ahead so Miles has plenty of time to NOT get a permit..and disrupt her "perfect day".  BTW If you wish to have Miles and the paid "volunteer mob" take a shower in advance we recommend a Spring wedding affair. These guys get a little ripe by late Summer!  Story and video here.

Looks like Miles and company are showing up without permits to protest.. Not to worry Miles has the Police Chief Tubbs in his back pocket!  "I thought we had a deal", says Tubbs!

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