January 24, 2012


Check out the followng release from the supposedly non-biased Wisconsin Democracy Campaign and their Director long time left-wing hack Mike McCabe.

One percenters across America come to Walker's defense
It's official. Governor Scott Walker now has raised more campaign money than anyone seeking any state office in Wisconsin history. And he's just getting warmed up. A recall election has not yet been authorized, and Walker can continue to rake in donations of unlimited size until one is.

Walker's latest campaign finance report covering the last five weeks shows he raised more than $4.1 million in individual contributions, with 61% of those donations coming from outside Wisconsin. Walker received nearly $2.3 million from just 33 donors. The Democracy Campaign just posted a list of
contributions of over $1,000 received during this most recent reporting period.

Topping the list is Texas homebuilder Bob Perry, who gave another $250,000 to bring his total contributions to Walker to $500,000. Perry is best known as the man behind the smear group Swift Boat Veterans for Truth that aired attack ads against John Kerry in the 2004 presidential race. Three Missouri business executives also gave Walker $250,000 each.

In addition to the donations from individual contributors, two political action committees – Honeywell International's and one run by the Milwaukee chamber of commerce – made three contributions totaling $195,000. The state Republican Party also made two contributions totaling $124,501.
Does this read as released from a non-biased source?  Walker has done nothing wrong and is working within the rules in the State of Wisconsin.  They make him sound criminal for raising money to fight the unethical and sleezy recall campaign of the Wisconsin Dimocrats.  Had the Dims not caused this recall then Walker would not be raising all of this money,
McCabe's idea of being non-baised includes participating in the Fighting Bob socialist fest every year.  What a hack.

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