January 12, 2012

Project Veritas and Vote Fraud.

Project Veritas is out with their latest video series, the new subject is vote fraud.

They sent reporters to attempt to vote using the names of dead people still on the voter roles in the New Hampshire primary.  Those reporters tried to show ID and were told time and time again they didn't need it and were given ballots.  They did not cast those ballots, that would be illegal.

While this does prove how easy it is to steal those votes and it makes a good argument as to why we should have voter ID making a big deal out of the fact that they were told ID wasn't required is SILLY.

The State of New Hampshire does not require an ID at the polls so getting people to say you don't need ID is simply true there.  You do need an ID to register.

While this project makes a great argument as to why ID should be required to cast a vote, asking about ID repeatedly to poll workers accomplishes precisely nothing as poll workers are simply executing the flawed system there.

By screwing up their priorities Project Veritas lessens their impact and provides a tool for the left to beat them down with.

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