January 24, 2012

Muslims Discovered America!! (according to many history textbooks being used in the US today)

Do you know what your children are being taught in History Class? 

If not, you had better check out what's in the text books they are being given!!

I do not have any children in public school but I do have grandchildren and I intend to find out if the Racine Unified History texts are slanted toward an inaccurate Islamic oriented view of history.

I am not accusing Racine Unified of anything since I have not seen any history texts in a while, but I do intend to monitor what is being taught to my grandchildren just as I did with my own daughter who attended Racine Unified schools.  I am not against them learning what Islam is or where it came from, but revising the truth of US history in a way that is in the report I linked to is something I would not tolerate as a use of my tax dollars in our schools.

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