January 9, 2012

MRQ a resume enhancement


Blogging is like crack.  Trog.
so excited today.  Patrick
anything for a buck.  Drew.
consequence free  Steve
former hippie.  CFR
blatantly lying.  Cindy
that head of his.  Kevin

"A"  Owen

gain 10 pounds,  Elliot.

a resume enhancement.  Steve


a freakin' vibrator!  Kate

I'm so gay Stacey

Angry Bird?  Franf

I'm scolding Chad.  Tammy

In drag   Chad

Get more Kleenex!  CFR

suspect alcohol.  Tom

Yo...Old Man  Dipity

purdy.  Jimi

for the guys!  Gailann

head.off.  WebWit

get on that.  Cindy

a little bit creepy.  Patrick

we could play Pierre

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