January 12, 2012

The leader of the hate left.

The head of the DNC yesterday called out the TEA party in the wake of the one year anniversary of the Tuscon shooting.

How dare her.

The individual responsible for that tragedy was a Democrat and a crazy person.  The TEA party had nothing to do with that incident.  Using that tragedy for an dishonest political smear is abhorrent behavior.  But then that's what the left is becoming.  In the wake of Tucson the left called for civility and since that call they have behaved less and less civilly themselves.

Additionally in the wake of the occupy protests where rapes and murders occurred and that rabble continues to escalate their horrid behavior, Wasserman-Shultz dares to ignore that and blame the non-violent peaceful TEA party?  Seriously?  And the amazing thing is the mind numbed zombies of the hate left likely believe that nonsense.

Asking for constitutional principles to be held and asking for fiscal responsibility is not radical.  Putting out statements of support of the occupy lunacy is very radical. (Yes, Barack Obama supports that)

Supporting anarchy and violence to achieve your goals, destroying the eco-systems they over take, encouraging squatting, ignoring violence rampant drug use and rape, that's radical, that's uncivil.  The Occupy movement is pushed by the radical left and their union accomplices, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a waste of oxygen and a dishonest political hack without a shred of honesty or decency. 

That woman is a complete and total disgrace as is the media that will give her a complete and total pass on this.

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