January 26, 2012

Here goes hyper partisan McCabe again.

Check out this gem from the partisan hacks at the Wisconsin "Democracy" Campaign.

WDC memo to senators: Reject anti-disclosure bill
The Democracy Campaign sent a memo to all members of the Wisconsin senate this morning expressing opposition to proposed legislation that rolls back disclosure of the financial interests of campaign donors. The memo includes an analysis of the legislation's impact on the public's right to know, quantifying the dramatic decrease in the number of campaign donors whose economic interests would be known if the bill is enacted
If you recall, Wisconsin's hate left went after the employers of people who dared to donate money to Governor Walker.  People gave of their personal funds and had their employers attacked and subject to boycotts due to their personal political choices based on information the WDC is trying to protect. 
Unfortunately the outrageous hateful behavior of Wisconsin's Democrat/Union slime machine makes this necessary.  Of course the hyper-partisan McCabe doesn't want that part of the story told, he just wants to make it seem like they are trying to withhold vital information.

Actions have consequences and this is in direct response of the unethical behavior of the left in Wisconsin of late.  Of course Mike is too busy looking at his photo albums from Fighting Bob Fest to tell that side of the story.

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