January 23, 2012

The Emperor "punts" again!!!

The Keystone pipeline is blocked by the Emperor but he can't bring himself to own up to his TOTAL LACK OF LEADERSHIP so he tries to place the blame on Hillary!!   

He pretends he was "rushed" into a decision by the GOP with too short a date top decide!!  This has been studied for the entire time he has been in the White House!!  Plus he tries to shed the responsibility by blaming a negative recommendation from Hillary?!!  What a bunch of bull crap!!

This goes beyond being STUPID by 1,000,000%.  Hey all you unemployed Unionistas  and Occupiers - Where's your outrage on this???

Hope and Change obviously does not include sanity when it comes to stimulating non-government based jobs!! 

The Emperor may as well go golfing - since that's the only thing he seems to want to improve during his term in office.  Would that be golf round #100 yet?  I bet it's pretty close.

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