January 9, 2012

2012 Blog Predictions.

The following predictions were collected at the 2011 Blog Christmas party.

I predict no ones predictions will come true.  The 'Ol Broad.  (How optimistic)

Packers win the Super Bowl, Walker stays Governor, Obama goes bye-bye.   Spammy

It will snow sometime.  Mark.

UW Athletics has its worst year in history under the time of Barry Alvarez.  Kevin Binversie

The Democrats will shoot any chance they have to be respected in Wisconsin.  Mary

The attempt to recall Scott Walker fails, Graeme Zielinksi's head explodes.  Dooley

Barret & Falk have a nasty primary but end up having an affair.  Walker wins in a landslide.   Nuclear bomb "accidentally" explodes in Iran.   Israel opens first ever glass min in the mid-east.  Silent-E

Encounter with Iran.  Kent.

Walker recall effort fails after challenges eliminate enough signatures to certify the recall.  Patrick.

Even though the "rats" lose the Senate, Harry Reid still controls things in 2013.  Egg

Republicans grow their majorities.  Yosamite

Obama loses in a landslide.  Kyle

Walker survives the recall, Occupy movement vanishes, DOJ tries to stop voter ID in Wisconsin.  CFR

Green Bay Packers win the SuperBowl.  Dooley

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