December 28, 2011

Does anyone still think the Emperor is a Christian?

Christians are known by their actions.  Here's how the Emperor shows his true beliefs.  He ignores Christmas with silence but makes sure to pander to his voting base by a recognition on Quanza.

I personally don't have a problem if he wants to honor Quanza but to claim to be a Christian and TOTALLY ignore Christmas by his action of not even having the time to make at least a token recognition of the birth of Christ just proves to me he is not a Christian believer and only gives it lip service when he thinks he can get a political benefit.  Oh yes, he went to church on Christmas day and exchanged gifts with the family, and had dinner with friends just like most of us, but unlike previous Presidents he chose to ignore us the courtesy of a Christmas greeting.

Shame Shame Shame

This is in the letters to the editor in the RJT today.

Have you no shame?

I recently found out that while my oldest daughter was out Christmas shopping with her aunt, she had signed a recall petition. While she is over 18, she is autistic. My wife and I are her legal guardians and, since we were not there, she should not have signed.

The petitioner was told this and stated that it did not matter. Well, it does matter; it shows to what lengths they will go to get signatures.

My question is: What else are you willing to do? Who are you willing to hoodwink to get what you want? Had my wife and/or I been there and, after explaining to her what the recall petition meant, we probably would have let her sign it if she had wanted to. But that was not the case, and the person with the petition didn’t care. They just wanted a signature no matter what. Have you no shame?

Stan Neu

Sorry Stan, these people are devoid of ethics.  I suggest you challenge that signature.

Also note the last letter where another leftist idiot says Paul Ryan should be fired for not voting for a 2 month extension on the payroll tax... Ryan voted for 12 months.  These people are nuts but the JT keeps priinting their babble.

Congratulations Packer Pro Bowlers!

All 7 of you!

FYI, in Dallas they are whining that Tony Romo was snubbed....  No, seriously.

Speaking  of snubs. no Jordy Nelson?